The Art of Translation

Our minds are some of the most powerful, most creative things that exist. Things that do not even exist in our world can potentially be brought into existence by the simple pollination of a thought.

As artists, many times before we create a final project, we do lots of brainstorming and planning. We create these magnificent ideas and become obsessed with this “thing” that we think will alter the world and the viewpoint of others.

Maybe our goal is to change the way people think. The way people act. The way people are.

We want a revolutionreform.

But often, this very obsession seems to let us down and once we are faced with the reality and the manifestation of this thing, we become enraged and upset.

Personally, I have a habit of becoming overly excited about certain things in my life. Just this past summer, I became obsessed with the idea of becoming a filmmaker. I decided to record a new video every week and show it to the world, so that I could have the chance to become “Youtube famous” and have lots of “fans.” I can instead say that this didn’t happen. Something that seemed easy and easily accessible in my mind did not translate perfectly in reality.

Instead, I became frustrated with my creations and began to wonder:

“Why is so-and-so getting more views than I am?”

“Why did someone dislike this video?”

“Why would someone say such a mean thing?”

Instead of this perfect world I saw in my mind, I instead received painful and disappointing insight on how cruel the internet world can be.

It seems that we can never truly possess the power to imagine exactly what our craziest dreams/goals will be once we achieve them or are on the brink of doing so.

Sometimes things just do not translate from thought to life perfectly and we just must recognize that it is totally ok.

“Illusion sometimes may deny us the pain of reality. But sometimes illusion and reality can collide. And when they do and our perception fails us, illusion can become a painful reality.” -KayB


2 thoughts on “The Art of Translation

  1. A stunning post inits echo of Frankenstein’s condition. Without mentioning him, you invoke him with the pollination of each new thought. The title of your post guides us through these wonderful inventions of your mind. Thank you.

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